Terese Pencak Schwartz, California.

“"Excellent teachers. They made learning Spanish fun. We learned a lot, but most importantly we enjoyed going to class, definitly not boring or dry."”

Ryan Mekkes

“Loved my experience here! I'm coming back!!!”

Noah Leach

“I really liked the Spanish class, I thought it was very fun and welcoming. The cooking class was excelent as well.”

Pete Gatto

“I love El Nopal, it is the most graceful professional place to learn Spanish and understand the Mexican culture”

Nick Rose

“A great place to learn a language inside the language.”

Rich Lewis

“My wife and I took 30 hours of beginner Spanish lessons over the last 5 weeks and attained the ability to make our needs and wishes known to Spanish speakers even over the telephone. We are very pleased with our progress and look forward to spending many more classes with Marta. She’s a warm and wonderful person and has an excellent command of English (and is a native Spanish speaker). Spanish class was both educational and FUN – something that we didn’t expect given that foreign language was my worst subject in high school.”

Seth Kellermann

“Thank you so much for making our summer Spanish study such a wonderful experience. Our daughters loved it and so did we. I am recommending your school to everyone I speak with.”

Fives on the Fly

“We have really been missing our weekly Spanish classes with you, though we are trying our best to stay in practice Thanks for all of the great practice, resources, and memories you provided us and the kids!”

Jamee Rae Pineda

“Jerry and I enjoyed our first Posada in Mexico, thanks to Marta Hoyo and Juan DuPond of El Nopal Spanish language school (Our teachers). We had a fiesta and a feast. I even got a turn at the Pinata.”